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                      Company name: Shandong Jiaming Refractories Co., Ltd
                      Tel: 0543-4538996 4538997
                      Mobile phone: 13573383888 13678630999
                      Fax: 0543-4538997
                      Email: naihuo@163.com
                      Company address: Shandong province Zibo city Zhoucun District Wang Village


                      LocationHome > About

                      Shandong Jiaming Refractories Co., Ltd, located in Shandong province Zibo city Zhoucun DistrictWang villages and towns, 309 National Road 471 kilometers, the transportation is very convenient.Is a production and sales of professional manufacturers of high profile refractories. Shandong Jiaming refractory material Co. Ltd is equipped with refractory advanced automatic production line 4, the main products for the shaping of Al Si series refractory material and uncertainty products and AMC products, annual production capacity of 50000 tons.

                      At present the company market areas cover the world more than 20 countries and regions, the company products to export a large number used in metallurgy industry, large-scale blast furnace,hot blast furnace, coke oven, as well as CDQ, ladle, tundish, torpedo tank and other equipment,and building materials industry rotary kiln, glass kiln, lime kiln, the power industry CFB boiler andenvironmental protection, key project of petrochemical industry such as high temperature field.

                      Tel: 0543-4538996 4538997 mobile phone: 13573383888 13678630999